"STEM" Education from an "Active Webtree" by Tom Karras, April 4, 2016 “Best and Final” Version


The websites below and our digital book will help prepare students for Middle School, High School, College, and Industry for STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) related subjects. Set the Zoom Level: 150% to 260% and close other windows. There are also Health and Safety monitoring websites included on the STEM Webtree along with some other great websites and educational video's.


 BACKGROUND: There are many great internet websites available which contain resources for teachers and students which "demonstrate via videos and other ways or visual models” in two or three dimensions using laboratory equipment, math models, and simulations for STEM experiments, and other system tools for observation and use. The local schools via internet can access these websites and view the experiments, etc. in their classrooms. Teachers and students could devote more time viewing the experiments which then allows more time for discussions with students. This should save time, space, and money and would increase student learning by leaving major laboratory devices to the Colleges and Universities for students to do “hands on learning". This could result in a big cost savings in the Public School System for both facilities and costly lab equipment, etc. to maintain and operate. Teachers can prepare sample lesson plans from websites off this STEM Webtree or they can prepare them from their own website search to supplement their lectures. Teachers could email lessons plans, along with this STEM Webtree, to both students and parents for review prior to a class or just bring the lesson plans up with a computer for training and present samples and view experiments off the internet. Teachers can share their lesson plans with other teachers, local or nationwide.


 Sample 1 lesson plan (Example of how gravity works): Click on #30: One example of how gravity attracts the moving "red" object (like an asteroid) coming into our earth's orbit. If the object or asteroid is close enough, it can be attracted and pushed-in and circle the earth and/or even possibly burn up in our atmosphere due to the heat and friction generated as it passes through the different layers of our atmosphere. It could even penetrate our atmosphere and possibly crash into our planet; also view website # 41. Website # 68 depicts Albert Einstein’s original space-time curvature theory which has been proven many times between objects. View

# 69 and practice using your mouse to cause a Planet to "orbit" the Sun; Move/Push/Click/Release your cursor next to the Sun at different angles and speeds to try to have the Sun "capture the planet" without crashing into the Sun. You must click on the "reset" button before each test run.

 Sample 2 lesson plan (Vibration/Resonance example): View website #22 and click on a tuning fork (it could vibrate a guitar string), read article in website #27 (Vibration and Resonant Frequency), then view website #42 (how microwave cooking works) and lastly, view websites #46 and #183 for examples of Sine Waves; these websites shows students the importance of learning STEM.

 Sample 3 lesson Plan (Wave on a String Simulation): View # 176 and click on the top start video and manually move the pipe wrench, then select other options (oscillate, pulse, tension) and view various wave motions. 

Sample 4 lesson Plan (Earth Monitoring Satellites): Website # 124 Video Shows how data from many “Polar Orbiting” Satellites are combined to provide Global Coverage and Website # 125 shows how the US GEOS East/West “Geostationary Satellites” data are combined to view the full US (# 123 combines three other Satellites from three Countries for Global Coverage).

Sample 5 lesson (Buoyancy): Website’s #120, 119, #254, “Archimedes Principle”, teacher and students review.

 Sample 6 Lesson Plan (Boyles Law and Bernoulli’s Principle): The teacher presents websites # 137A and #139A.  Sample 7 lesson (3D Earth Model):  Students View # 258A/B: Earth if without Oceans, and Earth if ice melts.

Sample 8 lesson (Chemistry Demonstrations): Website # 129: Students can view and discuss chemistry demonstrations with their teacher.

My suggestion is to scan through each of the websites and then jot down the row numbers of interest for later viewing and lesson planning; then prepare the lesson plan using word doc and website no’s and copy/paste-in the STEM Webtree Link.  I share my family’s website with you at: and STEM Webtree (350 great Websites).


Tom Karras (Retired NASA Engineer), P.O. Box 1205, Germantown, MD, 20875;

comments, etc. are welcomed to .  0  5 10  CPU Coding 15 Asteroids 20  Sun Watch News 25   Real Time Alerts  resonant frequency Our Orbiting Planets 30  Medical APS Great Math Tools  35 Simulators Static Electricity  MD Earthquake Monitors * Elements Relativity 40 Gravity  *  45 Weight/Mass Earth Moon Sun Lighting  50 Arc Lengths * *  55  radiation  Matrix Calculator  60 Earth from Space: Great!  Basic Chemistry Physics Classes’  Plate Tectonics  65 Levitation Milky-Way   Space-Time Kepler’s Model 70 Local Weather  75 * *  * * * * * 80  * STEM Education * *  math matrix 85 Cubic Eq.   * 90  *  95  < Open/Click “What” Statistics World Atlas 100 Medical APS  Van Allen Belts 105 Asteroid/Planet Finder  Vector Analysis  * Forces, Work, Energy  MD Traffic Cams 110  * Ring of Fire Before and After Photos * Ice ages *  * 115  * Science Projects * * Chemical Bonds  * Archimedes in #120b * Also Great Physics Classes 120 *   Ocean Conveyer Belts * *   Mapping  Global Weather Snapshot Orbiting Earth Science Satellites   USA GOES Weather 125 <Probability *      *  radians and freq. * Chemistry Lab Demo’s * Robot to Mars 130   *  panoramic view: NY City * World Atlas

SPACE Systems Engineering  * Math Video’s  * Web Doctor Encyclopedia of life Math Graphing 135 Sine/Cosine Simulators

Boyles Law *  Trig. Tables Curve Generators Bernoulli’s Principle * Rad. Belts  * good for kids 140 * Comet SAT APPS* ”Moves” Weather   C to F degrees 145 150 I.S.S. 155  160  Asteroids   165  Asteroid Belt  Moon Sun Impacts  Degree/Radian Circle 170  Internet Hackers  Radians Great!  Projectile  175  180  Panoramic Views * City Cams  Sine Wave Model  Spectrum  185  190 Our Galaxy *  194 * *  *  199  * 202 * 205 * * 209 212   *  *   < Last 48 hours    *   217  *  < Earthquakes 220  *   <Trig.  *  222
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 Earths Ice Melts * Ocean Floors:
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